Welcome to the sand painting show…

… we paint in sand!

The sand painting lives from the interplay of music, light and constantly changing images. A top artist paints motifs in fine sand, which is placed on a lighted glass plate and whose image is projected onto a screen visible to the viewer.

Whether as a live performance or by video – a sand painting show is an unforgettable HIGHLIGHT on every occasion!

Known from “RTL Das Supertalent” – Experience the sand painting show

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Enjoy numerous wonderful sand painting shows …

Hamburg – the most beautiful city in the world painted in sand

Experience the different sides of Hamburg from a perspective you have never seen before!
In Hamburg the idea arose – the history of a city painted in sand. ”
The impressive live performance creates scenes of Hamburg-motifs painted in sand before the eyes of the audience and lives from the interplay of fluent images and recordings of music, sounds and texts.

The pictures are transferred to a big screen and lead through the history of the Hansestadt: from town hall and Michel, harbor and Alster, over the Elbphilharmonie to the cathedral – lively picture stories from countless sand grains!

„Fantasy World“

Experience a scenic journey across all seven continents

– artistically told in pictures –
Unique and seemingly playing by Irina Titova painted in sand.

A journey of meaning for the whole family!
A picturesque journey across all 7 continents. Exceptional, exciting and fascinating
The Russian top artist paints an imaginative
Travel through the 7 continents.

Let yourself be carried away on a trip around the world to the most exciting places you can imagine!