Perfect for a anniversary!

„The honoree has his own highlight being the star of an individual sand show… unforgettable”

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Sand painting show – the highlight for your anniversary:
The parts of life in sand pictures…

An anniversary is an emotional and unforgettable experience for all the guests – to make it even more special, we offer individual and perfect adapted sand shows.

Bring an emotional and artistic highlight to your honorable day: your personal sand show is ideal to show your guests all that is important to you!


The first day of your life – the birth…

The first birthday celebrations with family and friends…

The success of school graduation, the first own car… also this anniversary!


Let all guests participate in what made your life unique.


The sand painting show lives from the combination of music, light and constantly changing pictures. A top artist paints histories with finest sand on a lighted glass plate and whose images are projected to a screen, visible to the audience.


With the best Russian artists and years of experience, we create your own sand show, according to your specifications and wishes

– Fascinating

– unique

– emotional

– unforgettable

Whether as a live performance or by video – a sand painting show is an unforgettable HIGHLIGHT for your anniversary!
We produce live performances for every event and occasion.
Performances all over Europe
Video productions
Portraits in sand


Always changing pictures is what makes it emotional. We work with heart and soul for you and your clients, because we love what we present!

Booking the Sand Painting Show makes your event special and individual. Through numerous shows all over Europe, we have many years of experience.


Shall we create a sand history together?

That would be a pleasure! 

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We create your individual show, included the fitting background music to the show! Ready for presentation! 


We would also like to invite you to our show in the different cities, and to enjoy our city show. Motto: The history of a city painted in sand.


We look forward to your inquiry!