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The Christmas story, a journey through the winter wonderland

The narrative of the history is unique:

Our artists will introduce you to the Christmas season of different countries and cultures. Sensitively and skillfully drawn by hand in sand.
Traditional, classic, funky, modern – we show you how the world spends the special day.
Whether in the Antarctic with penguins or in Africa with elephants – Christmas in diverse.
Go on a journey through the prehistoric times – graceful -creative – extraordinary and fascinating.
Enjoy the calm of the pre-Christmas season coupled with graceful beauty painted in sand.
Come on a trip through the wonderland, the most beautiful time of the year!

… Fascinating

Die Weihnachtsgeschichte

… Emotional

Die Weihnachtsgeschichte


Die Weihnachtsgeschichte

The wonderful combination of pictures and music impresses the audience in numerous german cities.

This new kind of live performance lives from the combination of music, light and constantly changing pictures, which seems to change weightlessly into new pictures.

With finest sand, our artists paints imaginative scenes and well-known buildings on a lighted glass plate.

This creates nearly real stories, which are filmed by a camera and immediately projected to a big screen, visible to the whole audience.
In front of the eyes of the viewers, we create magical stories – a wonderful experience for young and old!

These „top acts“ , designed and created by the own Sand Painting Show is the best that Hamburg has ever seen.

Perfect music production, detailed sand painting, a perfect script, these were the first positive comments after the first three shows, which were almost all sold out.

“Enjoy a christmas story, painted in sand…“

The idea came in Hamburg.
„Sand Malerei Show“
Die history of a city painted in sand“

And it is a successful story!
More than 150.000 visitors saw the previous shows.

You can also enjoy „a live performance show with great music“ by a top artist from Moscow.

Whether you are a tourist, or you live in the city or you are a foreign visitor… „A christmas story“ painted in sand is an experience you shouldn’t miss.