Technical conditions to the location  

Dear Organizer,
You decided to book our successful, emotional and fascinating sand show.
It is a pleasure for us, thank you very much.
Our show needs only a small space and short build-up time.
The Painting table
Dimensions: 1.20 x 0,80 x 0,30
Weight: 26 kg
Integrated lighting
Frame not visible, covered with a decorative blanket. 
Table color and blanket color: black
Transport: Wood case with wheels
  Tripod and camera
Space requirement: 1m x 1m
Other specifications:
– The transfer format is: 16 to 9
– Place the sand table on the right or left side of the screen please, preferred below the screen, close to the audience, for example at the stage edge.
– At the painting table has to be a cable with three power connection entrances, please.
– We bring the music USB which must be tested in the location by the sound technical together with our artist, to define in which moment the show has to start.
For the end of the show the same.

The build-up (approx. 30 minutes) and the technical check must be done before the guests are in the location, also to check the signal from the camera to the screen.
HDMI cable from the beamer must be available and has to arrive to the painting table and about 2 more meters at the table, just in case.

Our artists are general supported by a technical colleague.
Language: German
Our artists speak English, some German and Russian.

We hope that we helped you with this information.

Your direct telephone number in case of problems and arrangements is: 0151 -52297619

Hier fnden Sie das technische
Merkblatt zum DOWNLOAD >>>


And here some more impressions …

Hello Dear Customer,
This is how our designed tables look like…


We travel by train to every venue in Germany.


Sand painting show
„we paint in sand“

A production of:
Die Flut Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG
Verwaltungsadresse: Am Kaiserkai 4, 20457 Hamburg
Spielstätte und Produktion:
Die Flut Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG
Hongkongstrasse 2-4, 20457 Hamburg

phone: 0151 – 522 976 19

In the following cities you can see our regular evening shows:

  • Hamburg „ Hamburg, the most beautiful city in the world… painted in sand“
  • Munich „Munich, the world city… painted in sand“
  • Augsburg „Augsburg … painted in sand“
  • Nuremberg „Nuremberg.. painted in sand“
  • Stuttgart „Stuttgart… painted in sand“
  • Vienna „Vienna… painted in sand“
  • Linz „Linz… painted in sand“
  • Salzburg „Salzburg.. painted in sand „

In a near future follows: Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne and London



For further information, please visit:

Your sand painting team