Artist of the year 2017:

The sand painting show from Hamburg!

The winners are announced and will be officially announced in early February.
We can already say today with joy and thanks:
The sand painting show from Hamburg is one of the lucky winners! 
We are grateful for this award and report on the official Gala 2017.

Goldene Künstler Gala   Goldene Künstler Gala

Goldene Künstler Gala

Goldene Künstler Gala

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The golden artist gala 2017

The 30th anniversary in October 20, 2017, at the Folharmonie in Stuttgart-Fildenstadt Tübinger Straße 40, 70794 Filderstadt

Inlet: 6.00p.m
Start: 7.30p.m

The golden artist gala celebrates its 30th anniversary together with the artist magazine 2017. 

In October 20, 2017, the 30th golden artist gala will take place in the Filharmonie in Filderstadt.

An extraordinary event with one of the most comprehensive show programs in Germany and a firework of innovative ideas. Traditionally, the artists of the year 2017 will be awarded with the „golden artist magazine“ and will present again their show in the Filharmonie.

Goldene Künstler Gala

Review of the Golden Artists Gala 2016

„It is not all gold that glitters…!“ This slogan is known only too well, but it does not fit into this year’s “Golden Artist Gala 2016“, which took place in October, 21 of 2016, as every year, making enjoy the whole audience.
It is almost traditional that host Georg Dull meets every year in October, the best artists. The object of desire: A golden framed certificate, that shows that in his section he was voted „artist of the year“! It is not surprising that the stars follow Dull’s reputation and make their way to Filderstadt, which is partly also a long way to entertain viewers and receive their award. The audience was also loyal to Dull, the hall was sold out to the last place – the gala attracts all age groups – whether young, whether old – the multi-faceted show holds something for everyone.

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